Articles by Ryan Armstrong

  1. Motor Glory

    Tags: DOS

    A CGA stealth/action game for MS-DOS.

    Game Screen 1

  2. Taking X11 Screenshots (on any distro)

    Every so often I mess with old Linux distros or BSDs and do not always have one of the modern screenshot tools available.

    Enter xwd. This tool will dump an X11 window (or the root window) to a file for later viewing.

    To dump a specific window (click the window …

  3. Zoltrix Z-Boxer Review (USB and Gameport versions)

    Overview of both USB and Gameport models

    This is a review of a pair of gamepads produced sometime in the 90s by Zoltrix, both referred to as the Z-Boxer. Some materials also use ZX-Boxer, but I will stick with Z-Boxer due to the label on the back of each. One model is a native Gameport gamepad, which …

  4. PHP Intelligent Redirector

    Tags: Web

    A PHP script that can redirect from any page in a previous site design to the equivalent page in the new design.

  5. Disk Benchmarking Script

    This script exists to serve a simple purpose: benchmark a disk and store the results in an easy-to-use CSV format. The script will write and read a variety of block sizes to the specified location, which will gather similar statistics to the ATTO Disk Benchmark tool on Windows. The maximum …

  6. Anago (Kazzo board utility) Linux Port

    This is a port of anago command-line NES and Famciom cartridge dumping utility for the kazzo interface board, which was previously part of the unagi project. The existing project was designed to support Windows primarily, though it was almost compatible with Linux, with some included porting notes. I've completed the …

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