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  1. X Solitare (1998)

    A round of solitaire, almost won

    X Solitare (xsol) is a VERY basic Klondike solitaire implementation. It doesn't have card art, it doesn't automatically flip cards and does not detect a win state. If you place all the kings in the foundations... nothing happens at all. It's just up to you to start it again, I …

  2. XPacman (1996)

    XPacman on the default board size

    XPacman is a fascinating, though bare-bones, clone of Pac-man. The core mechanics are here: Pac-man, pellets, power pellets, ghosts and a maze. However, the maze is totally different than the traditional game and randomly generated. Ghost behaviour is nothing like the original, and there are no proper lives or score …

  3. XShisen (1995)

    A round of solitaire, almost won

    XShisen is an implementation of the Shisen-sho variety of Mahjong solitaire. In this variety, pieces are arranged into a single rectangle and can be removed if they can be connected by three horizontal/vertical line segments (as illustrated in the above screenshot). This game provides three different board sizes and …

  4. XSok (1994)

    A screenshot of XSok running level 1 of the Sokoban levels

    When starting this normally, you would be forgiven in thinking it is a straightforward clone of Sokoban. Push the boxes onto the spots, move onto the next level, yawn. Or rage, depending on how much you get into it, and how many boxes get stuck on walls/corners/each other …

  5. XTrojka (1994)

    A game of XTrojka

    Trojka is a falling block puzzle game, somewhat similar to Columns, but using its own matching rules. The game is played in a rather narrow well, of only 5 blocks wide. Blocks fall individually, and need to be matched in groups of three or more horizontally or diagonally, but not …

  6. XEvil (1994)

    XEvil match, modern version

    XEvil is a bit of a departure from the games posted so far, in that it is the first game designed primarily for multiplayer play, and deathmatch at that. There is, of course, a single-player versus CPU option as well, and a number of different game modes. The controls can …

  7. XBill (1994)

    XBill game in progress

    XBill is probably the least-likely of these games to be forgotten, but I would be remiss if I covered old Linux games without mentioning it. XBill has you protecting a series of computers against an army of 'Bill' clones who seek to install a virus disguised as an operating system …

  8. Oonsoo (1994)

    Oonsoo game in progress

    Oonsoo is is a solitaire/patience game involving Hanafuda cards. The objective is to sort each of the twelve suits in order, such that each foundation has a single suit/season. As you play, you can deal an additional row of cards until all cards are eventually in play. In …

  9. XMine (1993)

    A game of XMine

    Another game, another clone. This time it's Minesweeper. Overall, this is very faithful clone of the Windows version, down to the smiley face and the user-friendly feature that the first click is always safe. The same difficulty presets are present, and similar capabilities for a custom game.

    This game was …

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