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  1. XVier (1992)

    A game of XVier

    XVier is a single-player implementation of Connect Four against the computer. You can test your planning skills against the computer in order to end up with four pieces lined up in a row. For anyone actually capable of defeating the default computer, command-line arguments exist to increase the difficulty until …

  2. Chomp (1990)

    Chasing after white ghosts after eating a power pellet

    Yup, it's a Pac-Man clone. Pretty good one too, despite being black and white. Game speed is good (though can be tweaked via compile options), ghosts are suitably evil, and fruit appears exactly how you expect it. No tunnels though.

    Chomp was written by Jerry J. Shekhel in 1990 for …

  3. XLander (1992)

    Approaching the landing pad in XLander

    XLander is a 3D wire-frame lunar lander clone. The game keeps looping after each successful (or partially successful) landing so you can earn a high score based on your landing combo. As soon as you crash, the game immediately exits and reports your final score to the terminal.

    XLander was …

  4. Jewel Box (1990)

    Jewel Box session in progress

    Jewel Box is a fairly faithful clone of Columns. Not a whole lot more to say about it; if you've played once of the Sega releases, or other clones, you should know what to expect. If you've been looking for something like that for Unix/Linux: congrats, you found it …

  5. Spider (1989)

    A game of Spider Solitaire in progress

    Next up for 1989 is... another Solitaire variant. This time it is the popular Spider solitaire, a whole 9 years before Microsoft's version. Spider is a popular solitaire variant with a fair amount of strategy, and this is pretty good version of it. Like XSol, dragging and dropping a card …

  6. XTetris/XTetris 2 (1989)

    A game of XTetris A black and white game of XTetris

    After solitaire and mahjong solitaire, it is only natural that Tetris will show up. Of the three of them, I would be hard pressed to guess which was most prolific. This specific Tetris clone is XTetris, which is an overall rather enjoyable version. It has a drop preview and both …

  7. XMahjongg (1988)

    A game of XMahjongg, version 3.7

    Right after Klondike solitaire, it's time for Mahjong solitaire. Computer versions of Mahjong solitaire have been around for a while. Like most, the goal is to remove all tiles on the board in pairs. Only tiles with one long edge not touching another tile is free to be used in …

  8. XSol (1987)

    A game of XSol

    Oh look: it's solitaire! Not surprising, really. Every computer system needs a solitaire game. Sort the cards by alternating suit colour? Check. Populate four foundation piles from ace to king? Check. It's basically Klondike without some of the usual options you might expect. You draw spare cards one at a …

  9. XMille (1987)

    A game of XMille in progress

    XMille is an implementation of the Mille Bornes racing card game. This implementation is played single player against a computer opponent. The card art is somewhat simple, but provides generally clear information on which card is which. Play is quite brisk, though is missing something without a human opponent.

    This …

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