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  1. Sega Genesis Arcade Stick

    Tags: Sega

    A 3-button Genesis Arcade joystick using the same circuit as the official controller.

    Sega Genesis Arcade Stick

  2. Why won't my unofficial SNES adaptor work with Super Gameboy?

    So recently I made myself a custom SNES Joystick. I'll be posting about that later, but I noticed that it wouldn't work with the Super Gameboy, despite working with other SNES games. I also noticed that my third-party PS2 to SNES adaptor as well as my NES to SNES adaptor …

  3. Image Gallery Script

    This is a script I wrote to generate an image gallery HTML file for a given folder, or for the Steam Screenshots folder. It will, by default, show the full resolution original image, so it can be useful for browsing a folder of moderate-sized images without having to rely on …

  4. Steam Image Scripts

    After finding most instructions for downloading Steam grid view images to be out-of-date, and same goes for the only grid view downloader I could find, I wrote my own.

    I also put together a quick library that can create a dictionary of Steam applications on a given profile based on …

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