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  1. Unreal Levels

    Tags: Unreal

    Now Unreal was a game I made many levels for, much more than are listed on the side. The Unreal Editor did away with so many of the limitations of making Quake 2 levels, and so I was free to make almost whatever I wanted. The maps that are not …

  2. Quake 2 Levels

    Tags: Quake 2

    Quake 2 was the natural progression from editing for Quake 1. As you can see, I did not make quite so many levels for Quake 2 as Quake 1, mostly due to the extreme length of time it took to rebuild a map. Even still, those maps which I did …

  3. System Shock Backgrounds

    This is my gallery of System Shock backgrounds made from resampled cutscene artwork. Each image also has the System Shock logo added to it, which was created by carefully tracing a low-res title image in Corel Draw. Years later, I converted it to SVG. And now (a couple years after …

  4. Ultima VII Wallpaper

    Tags: Ultima

    Ultima 7

    A 1152 X 864 wallpaper based on the cover art of Ultima 7, which is a bit minimalistic 😀.

    I have it in Vector format, so I'll probably upload a bigger version sometimes... assuming anyone cares.

  5. Security Level (System Shock)

    Looking Up Rooms Looking Down Computer Room

    Easily the tallest game level of its day, and definitely the most vertigo-inducing. The Security level is a massive vertical shaft leading from the main part of Citadel Station to the Bridge. Snipers were a real problem in the original, and knowing some people, could be here too. Watch yourself …

  6. Ice Caverns (Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds)

    Ice Caverns Map

    Lost City Mud Flats Ice River Ice Plains

    Floor 2 of the Ice Caverns world in Ultima Underworld 2. Floor 2 is the more interesting of the two floors of the ice caverns, and features Mokpo the Mad, Filanium Mud Flats, and the Lost City of Anodunos. This map was made at the request of Daniel Todd, aka …

  7. Hospital Level (System Shock)

    Torn-up Area Main Hallway Maintenance Ladder Elevator Bulkhead Healing Suite

    The Classic first level of System Shock, remade for Unreal Tournament. Now you can explore the claustrophobic halls of Citadel Station and blast your friends! The map stays pretty true to the original, except for one minor thing: The grating in the room beside the regeneration bay room has been …

  8. Time Flux 2

    Nature Level 3 Snow Level 1 Blue Ruins Level 2

    A single-screen platformer game with several puzzle elements. In each level, you must make your way from the beginning to the exit navigating whatever is in the way, such as doors, pushable blocks, bombs, and the like. If you make a mistake in a level, you can simply hit the …

  9. Snaked Adventure

    Title Screen 1-1: Grassy Hillsides 1-A: Mission Impossible

    One of my favourite of my games, you control one or two snakes, and travel through various wild and wacky levels.   The game plays much like any Mario game, except there is no fire flower equivalent. Every enemy must be defeated by jumping on them. You also have 5 health …

  10. Earth 2445

    Outside Inside Shooter Level

    This game was actually a project for Grade 12 communications class. The requirements were general so I chose to make a game. The game has a bit of a story with it that you can follow along while you play. Most of the game is a side-scrolling action platformer, but …

  11. Mayhem Combat

    Red Block Land Water Ruins Nighttime Metropolis

    A platform shooter game for 2 or 4 players pitted against each other in two teams. If you really want to play 3 players, you can set it to 4 players and let one player sit around doing nothing. I don't recommend it though, it's not fair to one team …

  12. Actraiser

    The world from Actraiser, with each player starting in one of the six major areas.


  13. Coasts of Carcoon

    Two coastal towns in a forested region. There are a few canyons to the north, as well as a large island to the east.


  14. Small Bay

    A very small map which pits two players against each other at opposite sides of a bay.


  15. Maintenance Level (System Shock)

    Elevator Maintenance Office Side Area Energy Station

    A remake of the much feared third deck of Citadel station, from System Shock. In the original there were "invisible mutants" roaming the corridors, looking for a hacker to feed on. They weren't completely invisible, but they were hard enough to see that they often caught you by surprise. Not …

  16. Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

    A remake of the entire game of Ultima Underworld for Unreal Tournament. Each map is generally enhanced over the original version, so you can expect your favourite areas from the classic game to have a great new feel to them. A few of the maps, in addition to Deathmatch, also …

  17. Aquilus Residence

    Tags: UT

    The Structure The Aquaducts The Library On the Roof

    A small manor set in a rock face, with a canyon running alongside it, and aqueducts in behind. Most fun with 2 on 2 teamplay, in my opinion.

    Comes with Custom music from Crusader, No Remorse. Some might say it's a bit slow for Deathmatch, but I think it adds …

  18. The Pits of Carnage (Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds)

    Arena of Air Arena of Earth Arena of Fire Arena of Water

    A loving recreation of the four arenas in the Pits of Carnage from Ultima Underworld 2. The arenas (for those of you unfamiliar with UW2) are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In the Pits of Carnage, there was no hope of escape, and the common pastime was personal combat. If …

  19. Dead Simple (Doom 2: Hell on Earth)

    Tags: UT

    Centre Side Hall The Redeemer

    A recreation of the much favoured Doom 2 map 07, Dead Simple. If you enjoyed playing the original, you will love this. Unlike some remakes of this map, the layout is exactly the same as the Doom 2 level, even with the Redeemer replacing the BFG. If the redeemer is …

  20. Beta Grove (System Shock)

    Maintenance Access Central Bridge Side Area Hillside

    A recreation of Beta Grove, from System Shock. The groves were simulated earth-like environments so that the inhabitants of Citadel Station could relax in a comfortable setting after a stressful day at work. Shodan, however, had other uses for this particular Grove...

    This is a direct port of the Unreal …

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