PHP Intelligent Redirector

So, I redesigned my web site. Part of this was to migrate away from Wordpress, which I was barely taking advantage of, to Pelican, which gets me back into the static web site world. In order to facilitate a smooth transition, I developed a PHP script that could take any request from the old site and translate it to the equivalent path on the new site. This means, any legacy links should still work!

This is helped quite a bit by the fact that the article identifiers are the same due to the import process, but the script also has some special cases for odder paths. In one case, a particular page now redirects away from my web site entirely.

In order for all requests to be handled by this file, a corresponding .htaccess file is also included. This is basically the same as the one normally used by Wordpress.

If you are thinking of doing something similar and wanted something to start from, have a look!

zzone_redir.tar.gz (1.5 kb)


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