Super Mario Maker Courses

So I just got Super Mario Maker. Rather than flood my page with all my levels, I'll just keep this post updated for anyone interested. Enjoy.

First off, my profile on Super Mario Maker Bookmark. See below for individual links to the courses and screenshots.

EDIT from 2021: The Super Mario Bookmark site has been discontinued, so I have changed the above link to the equivalent. I have removed the now-useless individual course links that were in the below listings, though I believe you can still use the download codes for the time being.

Up and Over (3DFF-0000-0025-7FBA)

Up and Over Screenshot

Spelunking (FA32-0000-0031-56C6)

Spelunking Screenshot

Tangerine Lagoon (18A1-0000-004B-F8E8)

Tangerine Lagoon Screenshot

Trust the Coins and Never Stop (C1A4-0000-004C-B433)

Trust the Coins and Never Stop Screenshot

Towers of Fire (105A-0000-0052-5D0E)

Towers of Fire Screenshot

Don't miss your ride! (C567-0000-006D-BC99)

Don't miss your ride! Screenshot

Aerial Caverns (7180-0000-0072-5EC4)

Aerial Caverns Screenshot

Ghostly Routes (DD7B-0000-0085-4DD3)

Ghostly Routes Screenshot

Lakeside (1330-0000-00A4-46BE)

Lakeside Screenshot

Don't get left Behind! (6057-0000-00D0-F194)

Don't get left Behind! Screenshot


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