Ultima Underworld 2 Clue Book Gallery

Welcome to the Ultima Underworld 2 Clue Book Art Gallery. This page is simply a page to show the world the wonderful artwork in the Uw2 clue book, Gems of Enlightenment. Since only a fraction of UW2 players, and a much small fraction of gamers in general have seen these images, it would be nice to show the rest of the world. These images are all by Glen Johnson.

Fissif Bishop Altara Beatrice Hiztorian Mage Zoranthus Eshka Mokpo Lord British Goblin Armourer Killorn Keep Lost Explorers Vorz! Graduation from the Academy Dorstag, victorious again Praecor Loth in Battle Shrine of Spirituality Breaching the Force Field Enchantins the Blackrock Gem Reading a Scroll in Talorus Playing Black Rock, White Rock Journey through the Ethereal Void Fighting Mors Gotha Helena, Praecor Loth's Wife Rune Bag The Header The Footer


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