Ultima VII: The Black Gate maps

Next are two full maps of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. One map shows the map as you see it in the game, the other shows the map with the roofs/mountain tops removed to see the contents of houses and dungeons. Enjoy!

Note that these maps are full scale, which means they are immense! 24576 x 24576 pixels, 85-90 MB file size. I recommend more than 2 GB of ram for viewing these. It may also be beneficial to save directly to your hard drive rather than viewing in a web browser.

Ultima 7 Map Ultima 7 Interior Map

These maps were created using Exult. Exult has a command-line mode to generate maps such as these, except it generates 16 x 16 tiles of the map. I created another simple script using ImageMagick to stitch them all together.

The maps are also available at VGMaps.


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