Virtual Reality

Red Zone Pink Zone Yellow Zone

A surrealistic complex, made up of five distinct regions with colourful grid walls. The regions are:

The Red Region: A small region, with lower and higher ground. The Grenade Launcher is located here.

The Yellow Region: A Large Region, which is wide and open. There is a block you can climb on and in, and a tunnel leading into the floor, down to the pink region. The Rocket Launcher is located here.

The Green Region: Another small region, which is a blend of various other regions. There is a small open floor area and two large structures. There is also an underwater tunnel leading around to the top of one of these structures. The Thunderbolt and Double-Barrelled shotgun are located here.

The Blue Region: The Watery Region. This consists of a relatively small above water region, and a medium-sized underwater region. The Nail gun and the Biosuit are located here.

The Pink Region: The Underground region which is located below all other regions. This is the largest region in the level. There are 4 rooms down here, which are dark and perfect for ambushes. The Perforator, Ring of Shadows, and the Quad Damage are located here.

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