XMine (1993)

A game of XMine

Another game, another clone. This time it's Minesweeper. Overall, this is very faithful clone of the Windows version, down to the smiley face and the user-friendly feature that the first click is always safe. The same difficulty presets are present, and similar capabilities for a custom game.

This game was written by Paul Falstad in 1993 for a combination of XLib and Motif. Joerg Wunsch later reworked the code to remove the need for Motif libraries.

The following video shows a successful session clearing the beginner difficulty:

XMine is no longer in most Linux distributions, likely due to its entirely-too-close cloning of the source material. In fact, I can only find it on the Caldera OpenLinux CD that started this whole exercise; none of the usual archives have it at all. I've gone ahead and re-uploaded the source RPM if you want to try it. It builds without any modifications, though there are certainly plenty of other Minesweeper clones around.

More general information on old X games, including build tips can be found in the Old X Games article.

If the above video does not work for you, it is also available on my YouTube channel.


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