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  1. Motor Glory

    Tags: DOS

    A CGA stealth/action game for MS-DOS.

    Game Screen 1

  2. Time Flux 2

    Nature Level 3 Snow Level 1 Blue Ruins Level 2

    A single-screen platformer game with several puzzle elements. In each level, you must make your way from the beginning to the exit navigating whatever is in the way, such as doors, pushable blocks, bombs, and the like. If you make a mistake in a level, you can simply hit the …

  3. Snaked Adventure

    Title Screen 1-1: Grassy Hillsides 1-A: Mission Impossible

    One of my favourite of my games, you control one or two snakes, and travel through various wild and wacky levels.   The game plays much like any Mario game, except there is no fire flower equivalent. Every enemy must be defeated by jumping on them. You also have 5 health …

  4. Earth 2445

    Outside Inside Shooter Level

    This game was actually a project for Grade 12 communications class. The requirements were general so I chose to make a game. The game has a bit of a story with it that you can follow along while you play. Most of the game is a side-scrolling action platformer, but …

  5. Mayhem Combat

    Red Block Land Water Ruins Nighttime Metropolis

    A platform shooter game for 2 or 4 players pitted against each other in two teams. If you really want to play 3 players, you can set it to 4 players and let one player sit around doing nothing. I don't recommend it though, it's not fair to one team …

  6. Snaked

    Tags: Windows

    Title Screen The Ruins Space

    A 4 player platform game in the same vein as Mario, except as a competitive arena game. The objective is to jump on either other's heads and defeat them. There are also a few other game modes, such as tag and race, and on a few levels the shooter game …