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  1. Security Level (System Shock)

    Looking Up Rooms Looking Down Computer Room

    Easily the tallest game level of its day, and definitely the most vertigo-inducing. The Security level is a massive vertical shaft leading from the main part of Citadel Station to the Bridge. Snipers were a real problem in the original, and knowing some people, could be here too. Watch yourself …

  2. Ice Caverns (Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds)

    Ice Caverns Map

    Lost City Mud Flats Ice River Ice Plains

    Floor 2 of the Ice Caverns world in Ultima Underworld 2. Floor 2 is the more interesting of the two floors of the ice caverns, and features Mokpo the Mad, Filanium Mud Flats, and the Lost City of Anodunos. This map was made at the request of Daniel Todd, aka …

  3. Hospital Level (System Shock)

    Torn-up Area Main Hallway Maintenance Ladder Elevator Bulkhead Healing Suite

    The Classic first level of System Shock, remade for Unreal Tournament. Now you can explore the claustrophobic halls of Citadel Station and blast your friends! The map stays pretty true to the original, except for one minor thing: The grating in the room beside the regeneration bay room has been …

  4. Actraiser

    The world from Actraiser, with each player starting in one of the six major areas.


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