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IMPORTANT: My default controls for most of these games is for a joystick. If you don't have one or don't want to use one, hit Ctrl+Y when the game comes up to bring up the control box, and select keyboard for player 1, and sometimes 2. Select your favourite controls and away you go!. Also note that sometimes there will appear to be more players than are actually in the game (eg: Time Flux 2 shows 3 players). The extra player slot is simply there because of how I create platform moving enemies. Just ignore it.

Click and Create editing, and before that Klik and Play, has been something I've been doing for quite some time. Most of my older games, and even some of my midrange games have disappeared to those same hard drive boogiemen that ate my Unreal levels, but don't despair, these games have still survived the times. One lost game that bears mentioning is Time Flux, the predecessor to Time Flux 2 listed along the side bar. It's always a shame to see a game that was totally complete disappear from the face of the earth.

Each game comes with its own installer, so installation is no problem. On the game pages, you will notice that I have specified the graphics mode for each game. Don't worry about that, as long as you're running at that resolution or higher, the games should run. That is mostly for slow PCs (like early Pentiums or 486s) to know what they can and cannot run well.

If you have the urge to create your own games, I would recommend you head to Clickteam's website, as they are the team that designed Click and Create. Click and Create is quite old at this point, so check out whatever their latest equivalent offering is.


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