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And the first of my small tools is now online!

Delete Empty Folders started with the difficulty of finding leftover folders after uploading work to configuration management. The original version of this was actually just a simple Windows Script using everyone's favourite File System Object to parse around. That version was eventually given a simple GUI but doesn't really do anything else.

Moving forward, I was messing around with the .NET SDK at home and decided re-creating this simple tool would be a good exercise. Only this time, I started with the GUI upfront and added in the capability to delete files as well (since standard Windows delete stops as soon as it can't delete one thing). I also added drag+drop support, which is very handy for this sort of program. Later on, I also added the capability to clean up hidden files and such.


This program is written using the .NET Framework 2.0, so you will require the redistributable before you can run the program. There is no installer, simply copy the EXE file to the directory of your choice.

Download (244 KB)

Download Source Code (75 KB)


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