Dice Solitaire

This game is a solitare variant that uses two colours of dice instead of cards. The objective is to stack all six dice of the same colour in decreasing order from right to left. Pickup rules are similar to Yukon solitaire: you can pick up from any position in the stack, and place so long as the destination position is valid for the item picked up.

Title Screen Game Screen 1

Unlike Yukon, there are no foundations and only five playing stacks. Additionally, dice are stacked in the same colour, not alternating. When a full set of six is collected, it will be collapsed into a single entry in the left-most column. No further dice can be placed upon a collapsed stack, though dice already on that stack can still be built upon.

Game Screen 2 Game Won

Press the left button to pick up and place a dice (if in a valid destination). Press the right button to return a grabbed stack to its original location. No stack may grow larger than what can fit on the screen.

For source and binaries, see the Github repository.


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