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So I've been playing a bit of Arcana lately on the SNES, and due to the inadequacies of the built-in automap, I've been trying to keep my own map. Unfortunately, the "best" solution I've found so far is still grid paper; Dungeon Crawl Map Maker without the Bullshit is pretty close, but it's far too slow and fidgety with the current mouse interface.

** NOTE: The above seems to have been offline for a while. I've converted the link to a webarchive link for posterity, but the mapper doesn't actually work that way.**

So I've decided to start writing something myself. The goal of this program is to be fast, precise and keyboard-driven. The idea is to simply move a cursor around the map and quickly draw walls & floors without constantly switching and clicking all over the place. This is a preview version to get people's opinions on the idea and control scheme, etc.

Here is how I've mocked it up so far:

Also, due to the use of S as a functional key, the save/load keys have been remapped to the F-keys. The dungeon size is now variable (choose the size when you select "New"), and files can be saved or loaded as .dungeon files. Since it is keyboard based, the dungeon will scroll when you move the cursor to the edge of the screen since I had problems with the OS-based scrolling. Note when drawing, you can hold down the "draw" buttons and move the cursor with the arrows to quickly block in an area/create a corridor, etc.

Here's the download: DungeonMapper-0.2.1a.zip (200 KB)

It's Java-based, so you'll need to install that first. Once that's done, you should be able to un-zip it somewhere and double-click on "DungenMapper.jar". If that doesn't work try opening a command-prompt and running "java -jar DungeonMapper.jar".

Since I've essentially stalled development on this, here is the GPLd source code for the tool with a Netbeans project file. If you prefer a different IDE, it is left as an exercise to the developer to repackage accordingly.

Source Download: DungeonMapper-src.tar.gz (51 KB)

2022 Edit: I also uploaded to my own Github repo to keep changes organized.


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