Hospital Level (System Shock)

Torn-up Area Main Hallway Maintenance Ladder Elevator Bulkhead Healing Suite

The Classic first level of System Shock, remade for Unreal Tournament. Now you can explore the claustrophobic halls of Citadel Station and blast your friends! The map stays pretty true to the original, except for one minor thing: The grating in the room beside the regeneration bay room has been removed for greater connectivity. As this is the first release, it is entirely possible that some bug has slipped past me. Let me know if you discover any issues.

This map includes a mod conversion of the original System Shock level 1 midi. If someone wants to do a better job of it, please do!

Download (2.59 MB)

Refer to the page on Unreal Tournament levels for more details on how to install and use the level.


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