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  1. XSol (1987)

    An early Klondike solitaire implementation for the X Window System.

    A game of XSol

  2. XMille (1987)

    XMille is an implementation of the Mille Bornes racing card game. This implementation is played single player against a computer opponent. The card art is somewhat simple, but provides generally clear information on which card is which. Play is quite brisk, though is missing something without a human opponent.

    A game of XMille in progress

  3. Old X Games

    So I've been recently submitting a variety of old X games to Mobygames, and figured I may as well document them here too, since it is my web site after all. Most of the games I will be posted were discovered when messing around with Caledra OpenLinux 1.3, though …

  4. Arduboy Joystick and Remote Firmware

    Two firmware projects for the Arduboy open-source gaming hardware: Remote firmware to control the keyboard and display text on the screen, and Joystick firmware to act as a USB joystick.

    Arduboy connected via USB with logo

  5. Motor Glory

    Tags: DOS

    A CGA stealth/action game for MS-DOS.

    Game Screen 1

  6. PHP Intelligent Redirector

    Tags: Web

    A PHP script that can redirect from any page in a previous site design to the equivalent page in the new design.

  7. Disk Benchmarking Script

    This script exists to serve a simple purpose: benchmark a disk and store the results in an easy-to-use CSV format. The script will write and read a variety of block sizes to the specified location, which will gather similar statistics to the ATTO Disk Benchmark tool on Windows. The maximum …

  8. Anago (Kazzo board utility) Linux Port

    This is a port of anago command-line NES and Famciom cartridge dumping utility for the kazzo interface board, which was previously part of the unagi project. The existing project was designed to support Windows primarily, though it was almost compatible with Linux, with some included porting notes. I've completed the …

  9. Sega Genesis Arcade Stick

    Tags: Sega

    A 3-button Genesis Arcade joystick using the same circuit as the official controller.

    Sega Genesis Arcade Stick

  10. Why won't my unofficial SNES adaptor work with Super Gameboy?

    So recently I made myself a custom SNES Joystick. I'll be posting about that later, but I noticed that it wouldn't work with the Super Gameboy, despite working with other SNES games. I also noticed that my third-party PS2 to SNES adaptor as well as my NES to SNES adaptor …

  11. Image Gallery Script

    This is a script I wrote to generate an image gallery HTML file for a given folder, or for the Steam Screenshots folder. It will, by default, show the full resolution original image, so it can be useful for browsing a folder of moderate-sized images without having to rely on …

  12. Steam Image Scripts

    After finding most instructions for downloading Steam grid view images to be out-of-date, and same goes for the only grid view downloader I could find, I wrote my own.

    I also put together a quick library that can create a dictionary of Steam applications on a given profile based on …

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