Mystic Balloon Maps

When I was playing the Arduboy game Mystic Balloon, I got a bit lost in some levels due to the limited viewing area, so I thought it would be fun to make a map generator tool.

The map generator tool source and build information can be found on GitHub.

The maps themselves are as follows, in the order normally present in the game:

level1 level2 level3 level4 level5 level6 level7 level8 level10 level12 level13 level14 level15 level16 level17 level18 level19 level20 level21 level22 level23 level24 level25 level26 level27 level28 level29 level30 jace level32 level33 level35 level34 level36 level39 level37 levelNarrowWalls level38 level40

Extra/unused maps are as follows (some were originally commented out too):

level1alt level9 level11 level11hard level31 testhfan

Combined Download (487.2 kB)


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