Randwp: Random Wallpaper Selection Tool for DOS/Win 3.1/Win 9x

Randwp is a simple tool for selecting a random JPEG wallpaper from a folder and writing it in BMP format to a destination path. It is an extended DOS executable, and can be used in DOS or anything compatible. Usage is quite simple:

Usage: randwp searchpath outname


The path to search for JPEG images
The output path and filename to write the .BMP image

To integrate in a DOS or Win 9x system, the easiest option is to simply add this tool to the autoexec.bat file. As such, it will pick a new wallpaper each time the machine is started. For example, the line in my Retro PC's autoexec.bat is:


As implied above, this tool is rather limited and only works with JPEG source files and BMP output files. Internally, it is based on version 6b of libjpeg by the Independent JPEG Group. Source for both the application and libjpeg, as well as the application binary are included in the distribution below. The application is built with OpenWatcom.

randwp.zip (941 kb)

GitHub Repository


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