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After finding most instructions for downloading Steam grid view images to be out-of-date, and same goes for the only grid view downloader I could find, I wrote my own.

I also put together a quick library that can create a dictionary of Steam applications on a given profile based on the JavaScript of the profile page (using JSON).

NOTE: Due to changes to Steam privacy settings, your profile must also be public for this to work. Sorry.

There are three scripts included, aside from the library:

usage: [-h] [-o OUTPATH] profileid
Downloads Steam Grid View images.

usage: [-h] [-o OUTPATH] profileid
Downloads Steam Logo images.

usage: [-h] [-o OUTPATH] profileid
Renames Steam screenshots based on the game name and collects into a common
output path. Must be run from within the Steam screenshot folder or an
external folder containing the "uncompressed copies" of the screenshots.
Uncompressed screenshots will be renamed in place by default.

All three scripts use the same arguments:

positional arguments:

Steam profile ID. If your Steam profile URL is "", then the ID would be 12345.

optional arguments:

-h, --help
show this help message and exit

Output path. If not specified, will output to a subdirectory called "Steam Screenshots", "Steam Grid View Images" or "Steam Logos" depending on the script. For the Screenshot Renamer, Uncompressed screenshots will be copied to this folder if specified; otherwise they will be renamed in place.

These scripts all require Python 3.x

Download (4.2 kB)


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