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  1. Quake 2 Levels

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    Quake 2 was the natural progression from editing for Quake 1. As you can see, I did not make quite so many levels for Quake 2 as Quake 1, mostly due to the extreme length of time it took to rebuild a map. Even still, those maps which I did …

  2. The Ruins of Ascenzia

    The Swamp The Overpass Lava Chamber Inside the Cave

    The Ruins of an ancient civilisation, complete with columns (both standing and fallen), rubble, flooded sections, and lava. What more could you want in ruins?

    Re-posted after something weird happened to the previous posting. I hate you WordPress.

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  3. Water Treatment Plant 2

    Mossy Corridor Lower Cave Main Room Lift Area

    A underground base, with various surrounding caverns. I made this one to be atmospheric, so if you prefer bright and sunny levels, you're out of luck. Originally a Quake 1 level, which was re-built from scratch for Quake 2, and it looks much improved!

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