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  1. Quake Levels

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    Quake was the first true 3D game that I have edited for, and so some of these levels are more primitive than my levels for other games. Towards the end of my Quake editing, with the Water Treatment Plant and base of the 12 Monkeys, my maps became more advanced …

  2. Water Treatment Plant

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    The Lift Sandy Zone Central Area

    A level set in a Water Treatment plant, with surrounding Caverns. In the plant proper, there are four rooms: A central room, rafters above a watery cavern, and two elevator rooms. In the caves, there are two tunnels connecting various open caves, and the elevators. Additionally, there are two upper …

  3. Base of the 12 Monkeys

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    Boxes and boxes In the Water Power Core

    A level set in a dark and mysterious base, where tunnels are draped in shadows where there could be anything around the corner...

    Originally planned to be a level for the clan "The 12 Monkeys", the clan broke apart just before the level was completed.

    Download (344 KB)

    PS: I …

  4. Space Battle

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    Inside the Spaceship Inside the Cube Outside the Ship

    NOTE: You absolutely MUST have a grappling hook patch to play this level. Any Grappling hook will do, but, by far, the absolute best is the Swinging Grappling Hook ( Why settle for anything less?

    A level set in deep space with 4 objects floating in the vacuum. They …

  5. Virtual Reality

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    Red Zone Pink Zone Yellow Zone

    A surrealistic complex, made up of five distinct regions with colourful grid walls. The regions are:

    The Red Region: A small region, with lower and higher ground. The Grenade Launcher is located here.

    The Yellow Region: A Large Region, which is wide and open. There is a block you can …

  6. Canyon of Fire

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    Centre Platform Bridges and Lava Hut

    A level set in a open canyon with lava filling the floor. There are several bridges going across the canyon, and there is a wooden platform with a small hut on top and rafters underneath.

    Download (171 KB)

    Refer to the page on Quake levels for more details on how …

  7. Tomb of the Ancients

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    The Main Room Traps! Metal Area

    NOTE: There are two versions of this level, Tomb & Tombdark. Tomb is the standard level, and Tombdark is the same level, with all the lights turned out (except where needed). Tombdark is designed for use with a flashlight or torch patch. The one we use is Qtorch, but you can …