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  1. Ultima 7 Wallpaper (High Res Widescreen)

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    Ultima 7 Wallpaper (Widescreen)

    Well, since 1152 x 864 isn't a very snazzy resolution any more, and since I still have the vector source for my Ultima 7 logo wallpaper, I decided to re-generate a high res 2560 x 1600 version of the wallpaper.

  2. Ultima Underworld 2 Clue Book Gallery

    Tags: Ultima

    Welcome to the Ultima Underworld 2 Clue Book Art Gallery. This page is simply a page to show the world the wonderful artwork in the Uw2 clue book, Gems of Enlightenment. Since only a fraction of UW2 players, and a much small fraction of gamers in general have seen these …

  3. Ultima VII Wallpaper

    Tags: Ultima

    Ultima 7

    A 1152 X 864 wallpaper based on the cover art of Ultima 7, which is a bit minimalistic 😀.

    I have it in Vector format, so I'll probably upload a bigger version sometimes... assuming anyone cares.

  4. Ice Caverns (Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds)

    Ice Caverns Map

    Lost City Mud Flats Ice River Ice Plains

    Floor 2 of the Ice Caverns world in Ultima Underworld 2. Floor 2 is the more interesting of the two floors of the ice caverns, and features Mokpo the Mad, Filanium Mud Flats, and the Lost City of Anodunos. This map was made at the request of Daniel Todd, aka …

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