The Pits of Carnage (Ultima Underworld 2: Labyrinth of Worlds)

Arena of Air Arena of Earth Arena of Fire Arena of Water

A loving recreation of the four arenas in the Pits of Carnage from Ultima Underworld 2. The arenas (for those of you unfamiliar with UW2) are Fire, Water, Air and Earth. In the Pits of Carnage, there was no hope of escape, and the common pastime was personal combat. If you disliked a person, you would challenge them to a duel their choice of the four arenas. Now, you can duel your friends in UT!

These maps were originally imported from Unreal, then retextured and otherwise enhanced. Unlike in Unreal, the bots work in all maps.

Also available is a combined version, where all four arenas are linked together into one map. Great for larger games.

Download Individual Versions (266 KB)
Download Combined Version (169 KB)

Refer to the page on Unreal Tournament levels for more details on how to install and use the level.


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