Tomb of the Ancients

The Main Room Traps! Metal Area

NOTE: There are two versions of this level, Tomb & Tombdark. Tomb is the standard level, and Tombdark is the same level, with all the lights turned out (except where needed). Tombdark is designed for use with a flashlight or torch patch. The one we use is Qtorch, but you can use whatever you feel like.

A level set in some shadowed tomb deep under the earth. There are 6 interconnected rooms which house all sorts of objects. Oh, and do watch out for my little 'trap' (it isn't that hard to avoid). It's actually kind of funny to play with the reaper bots, because they just don't get it and run to their deaths over and over. Oh well.

Download Tomb (172 KB)
Download Tomb Dark (149 KB)

Refer to the page on Quake levels for more details on how to install and use the level.


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