Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss

A remake of the entire game of Ultima Underworld for Unreal Tournament. Each map is generally enhanced over the original version, so you can expect your favourite areas from the classic game to have a great new feel to them. A few of the maps, in addition to Deathmatch, also support other game modes. This will be listed under each level.

These maps were created though the support of James Beatty. Historically, his site provided many large RTS maps and also hosted this map. Nowadays, it seems to be offline.

If you have never played Ultima Underworld, let me give you a bit of background. Ultima Underworld was and is a great 3D action/rpg/adventure made by Looking Glass Studios. Like the other Ultima games, you played the role of the Avatar, and you must rescue the Baron's daughter, Arial, from the Great Stygian Abyss, a dungeon inside a volcano. Once you find out why she was kidnapped, though, things become more interesting.

Ultima Underworld was released in 1992, one week before Wolfenstein. It sported a superior engine, capable of many things most did not see until Duke Nukem 3D. Unfortunately it was overlooked by all the hordes craving the mindless shooting of Wolfenstein. If you like these levels, I would HIGHLY recommend you give Ultima Underworld a shot, it's still a GREAT game. Just go to TTLG's Underworld Page and have a look around. I would recommend buying the game, but you will be hard pressed to find somewhere that still carries it. There hasn't been another game quite like it ever since (aside from Ultima Underworld 2).

EDIT from 2019: It's on GOG.

Floor 1: The Realm of the Goblins

Map of Floor 1

Green Goblins Bridge over the Great River

The first floor of the abyss, and home to two clans of Goblins: The Green and the Grey. The Green Goblins believe they are superior to the Grey Goblins, and naturally the Grey think the opposite. This leads to a lot of bickering and suspicions between the two clans (and you're often in the middle of it all). Other sights on this level include a jumping puzzle south of the Grey Goblin home, a series of mines, and a community of human outcasts.

This is a conversion of the Unreal version of this map, but obviously much has been changed. This map can be played in deathmatch or Capture the Flag, with the Red base being the entrance and the Blue being the Grey Goblin Home.

Floor 2: Hall of the Mountain Men

Map of Floor 2

Crystal Ball Goldthirst's Treasure

The second floor of the Abyss is home to the Mountain Men, also known as Dwarves (though they take offence to being called as such). They are lead by Goldthirst, a fair ruler who treasures gold very greatly. East of the Mountain Men home is their mines, where they mine for Gold and other minerals. Unfortunately a Gazer has taken up residence in the northern half of the mines, and you are asked to clear him out. Also of note is a strange complex built by an absent-minded Mountain Man named Ironwit.

This map can be played in Deathmatch and Domination.

Floor 3: Swamps of the Lizardmen

Map of Floor 3

The Swamps Bandit Camp

Floor 3 is an underground swamp, home to the Lizardmen. There are actually three different kinds of Lizardmen: Green, Red and Grey. The Lizardmen are non-hostile, but only the grey speak English, the others speak a strange language that only their mute prisoner Murgo can understand. In exchange for your help to free him, Murgo teaches you the Lizardman language using hand gestures.

This floor is also home to the blade of the sword of Justice, hidden in the south-east of the map. Also here is a strange fellow named Zak, who is obsessed with light sources. So obsessed, in fact, that he stole the Taper of Sacrifice from the Knights on the floor below.

This map is playable in deathmatch only.

Floor 4: Home of the Knights and Trolls

Map of Floor 4

Water Falls The Great Hall

This floor is home to two settlements, the Knights and the Trolls. Unfortunately the two are in conflict, as many knights see the trolls as evil and kill them, and the Trolls respond in kind. Most of the trolls are actually quite peaceful, but there are still a few rogue trolls around that will attack you on sight.

At the north of this floor is the Great Hall. Formally a banquet hall, it is now overrun with monsters, and at the head of them is the Chaos Knight, Rodrick. Off of this hall are two special regions, the Maze of Silus, where the Knights used to store their treasures, and the Puzzle of the Bullfrog. The Puzzle of the Bullfrog is a square area, with a few switches in the corner that allow you to raise and lower the ground. This is how you access the tombs area on level 5.

This map is playable in Deathmatch or Capture the flag, with the red team being the trolls and the Blue being the Knights.

Floor 5: The Tombs

Map of Floor 5

Dining Hall Lava Chasm

Floor 5 is an interesting floor in that the only residents here are a settlement of peaceful Ghouls in the Southeast Catacombs. In the north east are the tombs of the abyss, which have been sealed off by a cave in, and are normally only accessible through the Puzzle of the Bullfrog on Floor 4. In the interests of connectivity, I have undone the cave-in so that you can once again travel through to the tombs. Also in the south-west are a series of mines, which were used to create a bit of a pac-man clone area, full of colourful ghosts and collectable pellets.

This map is playable in deathmatch only.

Floor 6: The Seers of the Moonstone

Map of Floor 6

Hazardous Area Mage Storeroom

On this floor reside the Seers of the Moonstone, a group of mages. They live in the entire south half of the map and have various quests and errands for you to run. In the north-west is the Academy of the Abyss, which has since been abandoned. In the north-east is a series of caverns home to many vile beasts, and some good treasure.

This map is playable in Deathmatch only.

Floor 7: Lair of the Mad Wizard

Map of Floor 7

Floor Entrance Fire Chasm

Generally agreed to be the hardest floor in the game, especially to mages. This floor is essentially one gigantic maze with traps and monsters everywhere. Magic also doesn't work on this floor, and the only peaceful residents are prisoners. Towards the end is a maze that is only navigable with a special crown, otherwise you will surely perish. Once you manage to get through the maze, you find yourself face to face with Tyball himself, the mage responsible for Arial's kidnapping.

This map is playable in Deathmatch only.

Floor 8: Core of the Abyss

Map of Floor 8

The Core of the Abyss Ruined Hallways

If you managed to get through Floor 7, Floor 8 is almost as hard, with lava everywhere, and all manner of foul beasts. Thankfully in Underworld you can obtain Dragonskin boots which allow you to walk on lava without taking damage. Even without such boots, everywhere in the level is accessible. There are a series of rooms and corridors on this level, whose original purpose is unknown. Now they are often broken through by channels of lava, and their contents only occasionally remain.

This map is playable in deathmatch only.

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Refer to the page on Unreal Tournament levels for more details on how to install and use the level.


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