Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss (Floor 1)

Map of Floor 1

Gray Door Gray Goblins Green Goblins Puzzle Room

A recreation of the entire first floor of Ultima Underworld for Unreal. Now, you can blow your friends away in the classic depths of the Great Stygian Abyss. The level is fully implemented for all default gaming modes, including darkmatch, and co-op! It also is fully enabled for botmatches, in case your friends are busy.

A couple things first... Don't kill everything you see. Most of the humanoids are in fact, not hostile in this map, to be true to the original. There are still a few hostile Skaarj away from the settlements, but inside the settlements, they're friendly. The secret door by the silver sapling must be shot to be opened, the one by the fountain of strength only opens from inside, and the one in the Grey Goblin settlement is unopenable. Oh, and if you get sick of trying to jump up the steps in the jumping puzzle, I sympathise with you, but there is some worthwhile stuff up there, if you can spare the minute needed to get it right.

Download (2.60 MB)

Refer to the page on Unreal levels for more details on how to install and use the level.


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